The MOBE ‘Scam’ of Upselling?


Upselling is the practice of getting customers to make an additional purchase to what they have already bought. It is practiced everywhere. Nearly every fast food restaurant you go to will always ask if you would like to add fries, or their latest milkshake. The MOBE affiliate program has low ticket front end offers, and MOBE consultants can upsell customers after the initial front end purchase.

Opportunity to ‘Try Out’ Products and Companies

When people are interested in a product, they usually like to try it out first, but not many are willing to spend a huge amount of money to try out something that might not work. People are more likely to spend $49 on the 21 Steps HTAM program than a $2000 on a product. If you start off your promotion with some of the high tickets MOBE products, you are not likely to make much sales, because there is a lot of money involved that people are not willing to risk.

Starting off with a low ticket front end offer also gives you an opportunity to build a relationship. People not only get a taste of your product, but they also get to experience your customer service, and if you offer they exceptional service, they are likely to buy from you again.

Saving Costs

Acquiring a completely new customer is expensive. The advertising, educating, and gaining trust of the customer costs money and time. Your best source of purchase is your existing customer. They already know your products and understand your service, so you do not have to work too hard to convince they your product is worth spending on.


Upselling is no more a scam than selling itself is. It is merely a form of introducing customers to products at a lower cost. Imagine if the first MOBE product you came across was $5000. You would see the briefs and the outline of the product, and know that it will really benefit your business. But are you willing to spend $5000 on a company you just came across? Chances are you won’t be. But $49 is a risk you can easily take, and once you have gone through the HTAM program, you will know for sure that spending $5000 on MOBE is a great investment for your business.



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