How to Prepare Yourself for Success with The MOBE Affiliate Program

How to Prepare Yourself for Success with The MOBE Affiliate Program

Sportspeople spend months on end training for their big event. Politicians spend time running campaigns pre elections. Even business people take some time to prepare for their upcoming year at the end of every business year. Preparation get you ready and set up for success at anything.

As a MOBE consultant, you will also need to prepare and set yourself up for success if you want to make big money with the MOBE affiliate program. Below are three things you need to do to prepare yourself for success with the MOBE affiliate program.

Learn and Plan

The MOBE affiliate program provides you with learning material on everything you need to know to succeed. You start off going through the MTTB 21 steps, where your coach will walk you through it. Invest time in really learning and absorbing everything, so that you can know which direction you will take.

When you understand what the MOBE affiliate program is about, start planning. Plan who you are going to promote MOBE products to, how to reach them, and which messages will reach them best. Plan the type of pages you need to set up, the financial investments you need to make, and set aside money you need to invest. You should also plan your time, how many hours in a day are you going to spend doing your business, and exactly what will you be doing?


Do not spend too much time on learning or planning. You do not need to understand every single thing about affiliate marketing or the MOBE affiliate program to start making sales. Once you have a clear direction of where you want to take your business, start implementing everything you learnt. Some tasks, like website building, might take a little too long to master, so you should outsource such, and focus only on activities that directly bring in sales, for example, contacting leads, doing follow-ups, closing sales.

Keep Your Eyes On the Price

As you grow, you will be exposed to many distractions. Offers from online marketers, latest secrets and tricks for maximum conversion. Marketing ‘gurus’ that promise to make you a millionaire in a month.

Most of this things can be tempting and make you feel you should have them. This only takes you away from your MOBE affiliate program business, and if you are doing too many things at once, you won’t be able to give your business the attention it deserves, and end up not making money. Focus on your plan for your MOBE affiliate program, and consult your coach on new strategies to implement so you can move forward.


Learn what you need to know about the MOBE affiliate program. After that, close the book and start implementing. Learning is a continuous process, some things you will learn and understand better as you grow in the industry. Focus on your business and avoid external distractions, and soon you will be making your first high commission.

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