How to Use Twitter To Promote MOBE Products

How to Use Twitter To Promote MOBE ProductsTwitter is big. It is estimated to have more than 300 million unique visitors per month. It is simple and straight forward, so it makes that so many people love it. So, with that much of a congregation, it only makes sense that you use it to sell the MOBE products you are promoting. But, with only 140 characters, you can hardly expect to sell a product without being too spammy, so, how do you go about using Twitter without being annoying to your audience?

Build A Relationship

You first want to create a targeted audience based on interest. If you have a huge following of people who the MOBE products you are promoting are not relevant to, you are not going to make much headway. You can learn about getting targeted traffic from of the best MOBE products on traffic, the Traffic Master Academy.

Once your audience is targeted and you are sure they are interested in the MOBE products you promote, you want to start building a relationship with them. Share informative content that shares information of value. Make your profile interesting and worth your audience’s time.

Don’t Hard Sell

Do not try to hard sell on a tweet. Let your content do the talking. Provide links to well designed and well maintained squeeze pages that explain further about the MOBE products you are promoting.

Make a relevant, useful tweet and supplement with a link to the MOBE products squeeze page that supports your statement.

Explain Your Links

You can link to your squeeze pages, testimonials, opt-in pages and blog posts, but do tell people what those links are about, or you they will not click. Make sure the link leads exactly to where you said it will, because you don’t want to lose credibility when your audience feels tricked.


Twitter is a great platform to promote the MOBE products, but you have to use it the right way, or your audience will unfollow or block you. Consider that even though people like to buy, nobody likes being sold to, so avoid being a pushy sales person; build a relationship and let the audience warm up to you before you can sell.

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