Why Are MOBE Products High Ticket?

mobe products for getting high tickets

MOBE Products  Tips: A lot of new internet marketers may find the idea of promoting a $1000 product daunting. They might think not many people would spend that much money, so the products will be very hard to sell.

The MOBE affiliate program is one such program offering high ticket products for affiliates to promote. It utilizes the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM) created by MOBE Founder Matt Lloyd. HTAM offers financial freedom through sharing very high commissions with consultants on high-ticket back end sales.Many consultants who use this method have made tens of thousands of dollars within their first months, with a handful of the most dedicated making a combined total of $51 million.

But as a new affiliate marketer, you might still not understand why the products have to be ‘expensive’.  Below are three reasons that will help you understand why MOBE products are high tickets, and why you should be choosing high ticket products for your affiliate business.

Quality and Value for Customers

The most important aspect of MOBE products is the quality of knowledge and information they offer. These products are created by experts who have made a lot of success in the online marketing field. They offer entrepreneurs strategies that will help them transform their businesses to better profits.

 Value for You Time

You need to put in work to set up pages and place ads, get leads, do follow-ups, and eventually close the sale. That is a lot of work for you to earn a few measly dollars from a low ticket product. With high ticket products, you are actually getting value for your time.

More It Cost, More You Get

Whatever commission bracket you are getting, you will make better revenue from a product that costs $500 than from a $50 product. When you promote MOBE products, you get up to 50 percent commission on front- end sales, and can get up to 90% on back end sales. Now, when the product is high ticket, say, about $1000, you are easily making several hundred thousands in one sale.


The high ticket MOBE products should not be a reason to scare you off from starting your business with the MOBE affiliate program. Because the products are of great value and quality, you will be able to sell them, especially with the help of MOBE experts, where most of the work is done for you, including closing sales.

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