MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: Convert Your Followers into Customers

mobe matt lloyd tips to convert followers into customers

MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips:Your social media page has reached a ten thousand subscribers, and it seems to be only growing. Mission accomplished, but what now? The number of loyal fans doesn’t pay the bills; so how do you turn this thousand you have into paying customers?

This MOBE Matt Lloyd training guide will show you three great ways you can capitalize on your social media growth and create conversion.

Understand Your Customers

Who is your ideal customer and what do they do on social media? What topics are they talking about, and what problems do they face? What factors influence them to buy? By closely studying your followers and how they interact with your brand can give you most of the answers to these questions. Use your findings to engage the customers and get them to understand more about your brand and how it can solve their issues.

Reward Your Followers

The main idea is to get your followers into your sales funnel and get their information. This will help you nurture the relationship intimately so that they are comfortable buying from you. But people won’t just give their details. Offer them something of value in exchange for the lead magnet. For example, if you are promoting MOBE Matt Lloyd training tools, you could create a business evaluation quiz, and have your followers put in their email addresses to get their results and analysis.

Make It Easy for Them

People online have a very short attention span and are very impatient. If your sales funnel processes are too long, people won’t bother going through it. Make it easy for followers to access your lead magnet, to communicate with you, etc. Most importantly, make it easy for followers to purchase your products. When you promote a product on Facebook, the link must lead direct to the sales page. If people have to navigate through your website before they can find a product they were looking for, they might decide to look for it elsewhere.


Social media followers probably like your brand, that is why they are following you. To turn them into buyers, you need to show them you appreciate them. Make their experience with your brand easier, and help them solve a problem they have.

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One thought on “MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: Convert Your Followers into Customers

  1. Great stuff as always Matt.

    Conversion is always something marketers are struggling with, and converting is usually the most difficult part. Traffic can be attained relatively easily, but getting the traffic to convert is the key.

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