Matt Lloyd On Writing Effective Follow-up Emails

Matt Lloyd On Writing Effective Follow-up Emails

With the average person receiving about90 emails a day, it doesn’t take much at all for your email to get lost in the clutter. Even if you have crafted your emails to stand out from the inbox clutter, and it gets opened and read, its effect won’t last long with more emails coming in.

That is why you need follow-up emails. According to a research by Yesware, you have 21% of getting a reply on your second email if you didn’t get it on the first one. But how do you craft you follow up emails to make sure they add value instead of just being persistently annoying? Matt Lloyd discusses creating winning follow up emails that could help you seal the deal.

First Impressions

When someone opts into your funnel, Matt Lloyd advices that you take time creating the first email that you are going to send to them. You’ll be arriving in their email for the first time, they don’t know you, so this email is what they will use to judge you based on, so it has to be good.

Matt Lloyd says instead of bombarding people with sales messages at the very first impact, he gets them to be comfortable with conversing with him. He says he usually puts pictures, Facebook links, blog links, etc. People can go to those links and learn more about MOBE and Matt Lloyd. This also provides more than one marketing medium prospects are exposed to in case they prefer one over the other.

Set Expectations

You want this to be a long term relationship and reduce the number of unsubscribes, so you want to tell people upfront what to expect. Matt Lloyd says in this first email, he tells his prospects how often he is going to be emailing them. He will also let them know that they will be receiving real marketing insights that they can apply into their own business and benefit from.

Be a Person

If you want people to be comfortable with you, you have to write as a person, not a corporate voice. You want to come across as writing to someone you are familiar with, explaining to them how MOBE works, whilst enticing them towards the MOBE products and offers you are promoting

Final Thought

The most important thing about writing follow up emails is to make them interesting, otherwise your audience will tune off. Use facts, statistics and life stories that will keep people reading and make them curious.

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