Mobe Matt Lloyd :on Explaining MOBE to New People

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MOBE Matt Lloyd : What do you say to somebody entirely new to MOBE and may be affiliate marketing, who wants to know what MOBE is all about?  You have to explain to them clearly about the what MOBE does, the MOBE affiliate program, and MOBE products. Doing this well could mean you making a sale.

What Is MOBE?

Matt Lloyd discusses how you can clearly and fully explain MOBE to people. Matt Lloyd suggests first explaining what MOBE is. Tell them that MOBE stands for My Online Business Education, and that it is an educational company. It specializes on business training, offering products, services, and events that help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

What Are They Looking for?

MOBE offers a variety of products and services for people with different business aspirations. Matt Lloyd advices finding out what the person you are talking to wants, so you can best offer a MOBE solution suitable for them.

They could already be an entrepreneur, struggling with some aspect of their business. You will listen to them and find out what their needs are, and then offer them a suitable MOBE product to satisfy their need. They could also be an aspiring entrepreneur looking to make money. Then you can suggest the MOBE affiliate program for them.

Don’t Be a Salesperson

If someone is asking you about MOBE, they probably have interest, and you don’t want to drive them away sounding like a pushy salesperson. Matt Lloyd suggests engaging your prospect and listening to what they want for you to be able to offer them the right solution. Listen for indicators of interest that suggest they want to learn more. Come from a perspective of an advisor who wants to help them, instead of someone who just wants to sell a product and get commission.

Final Thought

When you explain MOBE to someone who is brand new to the company, try not to overwhelm them with information. They might not even understand the concept of affiliate marketing yet, and if you are going to start telling them about high commissions and such, you will just confuse them and drive them away. Listen to their needs and advise them accordingly. Through listening, you can also get to understand their level of knowledge, hence you will know how to explain MOBE best to them.

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One thought on “Mobe Matt Lloyd :on Explaining MOBE to New People

  1. I had my doubts with MOBE, but I’ve been around the internet long enough to understand the market, so I did my own research. Of course I read up a lot of reviews about MOBE, and just like you said, they offer something else at the end. That seemed iffy to me, I thought; of course you’d call them a scam, they are competition. The more people don’t trust them, the better your market share.
    So I read up, visited the MOBE website and checked out their products. And they have some really good stuff. MTTB offers so much, especially to new marketers. I’ve been in internet marketing for a while before I came across MOBE, and I learn a lot of new things from their program. I have readjusted a lot of my strategies from what I learn and have taken my online earnings to new levels.

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