MOBE Scam Tips: 3 Common Scams Targeting Small Businesses

mobe scam avoidance

MOBE Scam Tips: You have just started your entrepreneurial journey, you are excited about running your small business and making money. Everything seems to go well, except there are people out there looking to cash out on your hard work.

This are unscrupulous people coming up with scams targeted at cheating small business owners. This MOBE scam tips tells you about a few of those scams so you can beware of them while transacting online.

The Overpayment Scam

You put out quality products on the market. A scammer contacts you expressing an interest in your products, usually the highest priced you have. Then they will send an overpriced check and ask you to wire back the balance. The realistic looking check will eventually bounce, and they would have gotten your money.

The MOBE scam advice for avoiding being conned like this is to refuse wiring back money to any customer for any reason until the check clears. Be wary of any customer making this request, and report them to relevant bodies online.

The Award Scam

Recognition is important for the brand of any business, especially a small business trying to make a name for itself. Scammers capitalize on these and will offer small businesses bogus awards. There will be some ‘membership fee’ you’ll have to pay to get this award. This scammer may even continue charging you some yearly membership fees.

The MOBE scam advice on this scam is to always research and verify the organization offering the award. An online search will reveal complaints against that bogus organization, and that should be red flag enough for you to stay away from the organization.

The Yellow Pages Scam

Scammers will contact you about updating your company’s information in a directory, usually they claim to be from the Yellow Pages. They will record your call and extract all your information from it. Later they bill you for being listed in that directory, providing doctored evidence using your information they got earlier. They might even threaten legal action if you refuse to pay, and since most small businesses would rather avoid court cases because it would set them back, you would just pay and lose your money.

The MOBE scam tip for avoiding this is to verify any company you deal with before you give them any of your details. If they approach you claiming to be the Yellow Pages, search online for the real Yellow Pages and find out the process of being listed.

If it does not match the offer, and they don’t know about any offer like that made to you, then you are highly likely dealing with scammers and should stop and further communication with them.Do not be scared by their legal action threats, instead, report them to the Better Business Bureau.

Final Thought

Transecting online is a risky but necessary part of entrepreneurship. Use this MOBE scam tips to avoid falling victim to these cheaters and losing all the money you worked so hard for.

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One thought on “MOBE Scam Tips: 3 Common Scams Targeting Small Businesses

  1. It’s easier to point a finger at someone else when you fail than to accept that you are responsible. That’s why people would rather believe the MOBE business model failed them, thus a scam, than that they failed to grow their business. MOBE is a legit business model like any other. I enjoy the system, Its simple and effective. And there is plenty of support all the way. MOBE employees can even help you close sales, something that has come in handy for me as closing isn’t my strongest point. And I still get the full commissions, no penalties for having them help me.

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