MOBE Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2016

MOBE Affiliate Marketing Trends

MOBE Affiliate Marketing Trends : The affiliate marketing world is one of the fastest growing industry in the business horizon. Each year new trends emerge that change the industry’s dynamic landscape and help affiliates promote more products and make more commissions and revenue.

Below are the top five affiliate marketing trends that are taking the industry by storm this year.

Focus on Niche Marketing

Affiliates are no longer just throwing a wide net out and promoting whatever product comes their way. They are picking niches and focusing on products within that niche only. This helps them drive traffic by building audience trust.

Going Mobile

Almost everybody has a smartphone, and 39% of all pages served to search engines are from mobile phones alone. Affiliate marketers are taking advantage of this trend and optimizing their websites and pages for mobile device users. In January 2015 alone, 36% of affiliate sales were conducted through mobile phones, according to Internet Retailer.

Attribution Dependency

The attribution model allows affiliates to earn a percentage of a purchase commission if they are within the chain of clicks that lead to that purchase. This simply means that when a customer clicks your link, then clicks away and click several other affiliate links before making a purchase, you can still earn a percentage of the commission.

Unique Affiliates Partnerships

New partnership trends have emerged, changing the way affiliates draw attention to products and services. Companies are collaborating with schools, sports teams, YouTube personalities, etc. to promote their businesses. This calls for affiliates to build more loyal traffic to be able to get company attention to promote their products.

Application of Big Data

Affiliates are using data analytics and statistics to improve their promotional efforts. They are recognizing their biggest sources of traffic and using this data to target specific demographics for certain niches. This is helping them send tailored product advertisements to the right people. See how MOBE Training helps generate extra income

This are just a few trends that are changing the affiliate marketing scene so far in 2016. More trends are emerging every day, and it is important that affiliate marketers keep up with them to maximize their earning capabilities.

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