Mobe Scam Tips: 5 Grammar Bloopers to Avoid

Mobe scam tips-to-avoid-Grammar-Bloopers

Mobe Scam Tips: No one is immune to a few grammar mistakes from time to time, but there is just some mistakes a marketer should never make if they want to keep their audience in their pages or reading their sales copy. This are grammar mistakes that have become so common they stand right out when your audience reads your copy. Below are 5 such mistakes you should never make.

  • You’re/Your

You’re is a contraction of ‘you are’. It does not mean the same thing as ‘your’. For example, ‘you’re making a mistake’.

Your’ is a possessive pronoun, for example ‘your house’.

  • There/Their/They’re

‘There’ is used to refer to a place, whether concrete or abstract. For example, ‘She lives over there by the school’. There can also be used with ‘to be’ verbs like is, are, am, etc. For example; There is a school by the corner.

Their’ is a plural possessive pronoun, for example, ‘This is their home’.

‘They’re’ is a contraction of ‘they are’, for example, ‘They’re my friends’.

  • Its/It’s

‘Its’ is a possessive noun. It signifies ownership, for example ‘The company released its new mandate’

‘It’s’ is a contraction of ‘it is’, for example ‘It’s important that you use correct grammar’

  • Then/Than

‘Then’ is an adverb commonly used to situate action in time, for example, ‘I will go to the mall first, then I’ll go to class’. It can also be used to construct ‘if’ sentences, for example ‘If you finish your dinner, then you can have dessert’.

‘Than’ is a conjunction, and is used mainly in comparison, for example ‘Content marketing is better than advertising’.

  • Affect/Effect

Affect is a verb, and effect is a noun. Affect refers to changing or influencing something, for example ‘Poor grammar can affect your conversion rate’.

Effect is something that happened due to a cause, for example, ‘The effect of poor grammar on your website is very high bounce rates’.

Though less common, effect can be used as a verb when it bears sense of bringing about. For example, ‘effect change’.

Mobe Scam Tips: These might seem very obvious when you look at them from the article, but they are common mistake many marketers make. They not only make you look silly and amateurish, but also make your audience lose trust in your credibility, hence reducing your conversion rates and your sales. Every time you write content, go through your copy several times before you post it and check for grammatical and spelling mistake like these ones.

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