MOBE Scam Tips- 4 Ways to Minimize Risk Online

mobe scam tips for risk management

MOBE Scam Tips – The internet is a great place to do business and make money, but it is also a very risky place where people are scammed out of their money and have their information compromised or stolen every minute. As an entrepreneur operating your business online, your risks are higher because you deal with monetary transactions, and online thieves and scammers are always looking for a way to get access to that money.

It is essential that you put in place strategies to protect yourself and your assets when online. Below are 4 ways you can implement to help reduce the risks as you transact and carry out your business dealings online.

Set smart passwords

MOBE Scam Tips- A password is the security to your sensitive information online and it should never be easy to guess. Birthdays, phone numbers, and names are never good passwords as anyone can guess them. Create password that utilize letters in upper and lower cases, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Never have just one password for all your accounts. Should a hacker guess that password, they could bring down your whole world, emails, bank accounts, social media, etc. Also, never accept to have any site remember your password because if that site ever gets hacked, your password will be compromised.

Use secured websites

MOBE Scam Tips- Many browsers show a green lock in the address bar when the website you are on is secure. Secure sites will also have an ‘https’ instead of a ‘http’ in the URL. The ‘s’ signifies the website is secure. Avoid opening your financial transaction sites like bank websites or PayPal from links you got from someone. Is H.A.R.P a Scam?

Install antivirus and anti-malware software

MOBE Scam Tips- Anybody who owns a computing device should have an antivirus installed. Most of the antivirus software will have the capability to scan and prevent malware, but it is always safer to supplement it with a strong anti-malware software.

Use Virtual Private Network (VPN)

MOBE Scam Tips- VPN is a way of protecting your profile while you are online. When you log into public Wi-Fi in airports, coffee shops, etc., there is a high chance you are logging into a fake network by a hacker, and once you have logged in they can easily get your information. VPN masks your presence from those hackers, keeping you safe in public Wi-Fi.

Online interactions make up most of our lives nowadays, pretty much everything is done online, so it is important that you are safe in all fronts when using the internet. Research online for more ways you can keep yourself safe online to avoid your information getting compromised or stolen.

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7 thoughts on “MOBE Scam Tips- 4 Ways to Minimize Risk Online

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  5. If you don’t think MOBE is for you, its ok, we can’t all like or agree with the same thing, but just because you disagree with the system doesn’t make it a scam. I’m still learning more about MOBE Products. Recently I was looking at all the bad press online, but somehow all those negative reviews didn’t ring true with me.I don’t know, maybe it is the way they tend to end up promoting their own products, but it just seemed untrue to me.

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