MOBE Training: Improves Website

MOBE Training Improves Website Credibility

MOBE Training Improves: For people to take advice from you, click on your advertisements, and make purchase from your website, they need to trust the website, and what makes a website trustworthy is its credibility. A credible website is one that offers reliable, true information that people can use.

The MOBE Ratings below offers you 5 tips on how you can make your website more credible.

  • Avoid Content Errors

Bad grammar, spelling mistakes, and unintelligible content is one of the quickest way to lose your credibility. If you can’t do something as simple as spelling out words, why should people trust you to give them advice? Take time to regularly and carefully review your site to make sure there are no mistakes and your content is simple and easily understandable.

  • Share Genuine Content

Practice restraint with your advertising material. People came to your website to find information, and if they are bombarded by ad after another, you just come off as a greedy salesperson, and people don’t trust salespeople. Give people useful information that solve their problem, and be clear when you are making an advertisement and when you are just offering information.

  • Give Your Website a Professional Look

Your website should mimic your brand voice. It should be built around your target audience and communicate well with them to address their needs. Make sure the website is easy to navigate and find information.

  • Make It Easy to Contact You – Customers need to know there is a real person behind the website. A person they can get in touch with should they need any help. Make sure you contact details are active, easily accessible and visible throughout your website.
  • Keep It Fresh – Industries grow every day, and there are new developments being made in all fronts. The information you updated six months ago is outdated today. Update your content regularly with fresh information relevant to current events.
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