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MOBE Products Tracking: Digital marketing might be currently enjoying the spotlight, but offline marketing still plays an important role in bringing products to the customers. But how do business owners know if their offline marketing campaigns are successful? Below are a few tips for tracking your offline marketing efforts to make sure they are actually working for you.

  • Quick Response Codes

Popularly called QR Codes, quick response codes are ciphers consisting of a display of black and white squares.They store website information readable by smartphone cameras, and can tell you where your traffic came from each time someone scan the QR code.

  • Customer Landing Pages

Create landing page unique to each of your offline marketing strategies. This will help you focus on the main goal of that particular marketing effort and target it towards the audience that will be coming from that offline marketing campaign.

For example, have your landing page URL only available in the magazine advertisement you are placing for a month. Then check your analyzing metrics to find out how much traffic increase you have gained through the landing page for that month.

  • Direct Hits

Run an exclusively offline campaign for a short time, and track the increase in your traffic from people directly searching for your brand name, products, or URL. Compare this against your usual traffic, and you will be able to tell how much traffic increase you have gained from the offline campaign you carried out.

  • Customized Discount Codes

Discount codes are a popular and simple to implement method that many businesses are using to track their offline marketing efforts. Magazines and other print media usually carry a lot of discount codes. A newspaper advertisement will have a 10% off discount code to type in when making a purchase from a website. Another method is print coupons to gifts that you can redeem from a website.

Offline marketing can help generate a lot of traffic to your website and improve sales, but it’s important to know whether your marketing strategy is producing result. Use the tips above to track your offline marketing efforts and focus only on those strategies that are bringing in significant results.

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  1. It’s easier to point a finger at someone else when you fail than to accept that you are responsible. That’s why people would rather believe the MOBE business model failed them, thus a scam, than that they failed to grow their business. MOBE is a legit business model like any other. I enjoy the system, Its simple and effective. And there is plenty of support all the way. MOBE employees can even help you close sales, something that has come in handy for me as closing isn’t my strongest point. And I still get the full commissions, no penalties for having them help me.

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