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Matt Lloyd Tips: The marketers at Brand Marketer believe that the only marketing strategy that is pure, unadulterated and has an impact is content marketing. I started working in the digital marketing industry back in early 2000s when Facebook didn’t even exist yet; Google was making some noise with Orkut and MySpace was still in.

Things were so ridiculous at that time. Google AdWords was gaining momentum, Bing was left behind and Yahoo!, the very company that first started the Pay-Per-Click model on a commercial scale, was completely lost with the functionality of their own platform.

So why the history lesson? Well, because back then, SEO was just keyword stuffing, social media also didn’t exist, pay-per-click was as good as your budget, and email marketing was considered to be more of a spam than it is today! Everything in online marketing has changed today and now you can even use content to bridge the gap between converting website visitors to customers.

Your goal is to capture your customer’s attention through content in the form of articles or blog posts, videos, podcasts, books, eBooks, etc. So, how do you capture audience attention and drive content performance? The following are actionable items that you need to do to get more out of content marketing.


Matt Lloyd Tips: People always look for reputation, and the best way to do this is to establish your brand as an authority that provides real, consumable, unbiased and trustworthy information to its target audience. Of course, having client testimonials and social media engagement helps a lot as that can lead to referrals, but also building a relationship with industry experts, sharing their views and opinions, and having them deliver guest content as part of your marketing will help so much more.

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Relationship Building

I have seen it way too many times where marketers get caught up in the details. They focus and obsess over traffic, click-through rates, conversion rates, spend, cost per lead, cost per acquisition, so on and so forth.

What gets missed in the noise is the profile of your target audience. Of course, it isn’t possible to know all of your target audiences personally, but having an excellent idea of the masses, i.e. who are your target audience, their age groups, gender, likes, dislikes, location, spending patterns, etc., will help you construct content that resonates with them more.

Nurture Your Relationships

Whether your target audience has bought from you already or is planning to buy in the future, you need to nurture your relationships with them. You can do this by offering discounts, incentives and more on your website, along with free, usable, consumable, applicable and simple information so your business can be more helpful to them.

Give More and Charge Less

Not to get too philosophical with this approach, but knowing your target audience, building a relationship with them, offering them solutions for free and asking them to spend less money is giving them value. Your target audience will engage with you more when they feel you care for them by giving more and allowing them to spend less.

One example I have used a lot while running my digital marketing agency is offering free services to create Facebook Pages and Google Local Listings for my target audience. I have offered them free step-by-step guides so they can do the tasks by themselves or simply put in their business information into a form and I’ll create the page and listing for them for free.

In this regard, I have done what other agencies would charge anywhere between $100-$500 for free. Why? Because for me, making a Facebook Page or a Google Local Listing isn’t worth charging $100-$500 when both platforms offer comprehensive guides. I have simply tapped into the minds of my target audience who aren’t technically savvy to even follow those steps.

Web Analytics

It amazes me to see not just business owners, but also marketers who are so focused on other things they completely forget to review their content statistics. At the end of the day, the only way you can know your audience and, therefore, offer them more value is by reviewing your analytics:

  • What kind of content do they engage in the most?
  • Which posts make them buy?
  • What offers converts them from target audience to buyers?
  • What price points push their buttons?

Always, always, always look at how your content performs and make an informed decision when you adjust them or create an entirely different material.

Content Marketing Maneuver

In today’s age of technology, it’s important to remember that marketing strategies change as people’s perspective of consuming information evolves. You need to adapt your approach to what your customer needs and consider the results you get when monitoring your content performance. By following the tips laid out above, not only can you gain authority in your niche, but you can also attract customers into buying your product and service through the use of various digital materials.

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