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Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips – The business landscape has changed from days when customer knowledge of products and services came from marketing and advertising, which the company had control of. Today, with the rise of social media platforms and online information sharing networks, customers are in control of their own experience.


With just a click, they can get vast information and reviews from real customers with no other affiliations to the company. In other words, potential customers’ opinions are now largely influenced by other customers’ personal experiences. This means a company’s relationship with any customer is worth double its brand value.

Companies need to shift their primary focus from marketing and advertising to customer retention and loyalty. Loyal customers are happy customers; and not only will they stay with the brand, they will also give favorable reviews and recommendations online, which is a great advantage to every business.

How to earn customer loyalty? Know them and cater to their needs. Also, it helps that you value them and engage with them personally. Here are six ways on how to do exactly that.

Prompt Response

Mobe Review – Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the new age call centres. Customers now direct inquires to a Facebook page more than they pick up a phone to call a company’s customer support line. Most brands still fail to respond to customers online and those that do, generally record response time as within 4 hours.

In today’s always connected markets, that is very much insufficient. Studies show that the best response time is within thirty minutes. This is because customers usually inquire when they are thinking of buying at that moment and are likely to buy after you respond.

Be an Actual Human

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips -Think of how annoyed you get every time you call someone and get voicemail, especially when you really need something from that person. That is the same for customers when you respond with a generic message in every inquiry.  It feels like a ‘robotic’ response, and gives the impression that the brand is not really concerned about customers.

Customers want to talk to real people, with whom they can relate to and explain their situations. Once they realize that an actual person is responding to them and addressing their inquiries, customers are likely to interact more positively with your company through liking, commenting, and even sharing whatever you post in the future.

Review the Entire Customer Experience

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips -Every business should strive to make their brand customer-centric. This means being able to put themselves in the customers’ shoes and understand their journey with the brand.

There is usually a brand-related background story behind every angry customer post or review. Maybe they had saved up for months, planned on surprising an elderly sick grandmother with an oven she had wanted for her birthday, only for it to be delivered late or malfunctioning.

The arrival of the oven in good time and perfect condition has an emotional attachment. Failure in delivering causes disappointment not only on the company, but also on the customer themselves, because they might feel like they failed to get their loved ones that particular present for their birthday.

You must understand the context outside the initial complaint and act empathetically towards the customer’s journey. Browse the particular customer’s public social media channels to get the real story so you can understand the customer better.

Engage Field Experts from your Organization

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips -Just because the Public Relations department manages all your social media accounts does not make them experts in every field of your company—and customers want experts to answer their questions.

A ‘please email us’ response is no longer sufficient in a contemporary world where customers want answer in record time, so it’s best to get employees engaged from across departments. When a disgruntled customer calls their car company to report a problem with their new car, they are usually transferred to the technical department that can understand the customer’s issue better and be at a better stand to solve the problem on the spot.

Social media platforms should be treated the same. Tag the company technician in technical issues, ask them to attend to it, and inform the customer that they will receive a more detailed and accurate support from that particular person because of their expertise.

Be Honest and Transparent

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips -Customers are now wise to marketing fluff and public relations distortions, so it’s always best to avoid those, especially online where nothing can ever be fully erased. One dishonest post can crumble a company’s reputation and break customer loyalty. Customers appreciate organizations that are honest and transparent and are willing to forgive mistakes when they happen.

Admit faults and offer solutions in a timely manner. Give customers all the information you have on any current crisis faced by the company and give it as soon as possible, continuing to keep them in the loop until the situation is resolved.

Share Customer Experiences

Mobe Matt Lloyd Tips -When customers post about their satisfaction with your products or services on your social media platforms, you should share it and give them a shout out. This gives you real-time reviews from real customers and also makes the customers feel their experience is valued. This should not only be reserved for positive feedback, but also when customers receive satisfactory solutions to any issues they faced.

Customer service has evolved so much that people can instantly find and contact you without extensive effort. Customers have even raised expectations for any business nowadays—they want things quick and anticipate to always get more. Consequently, this now requires companies to double up efforts on addressing more concerns in a fast-paced environment. With all this phenomenon going on, your company and brand should keep up by applying the six tips above or you’ll be missing out on a lot of business traffic.

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