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MOBE Review Ratings

Mobe Review Ratings – Finding a way to stay motivated in business is something that many entrepreneurs are looking for. Fortunately, I’m going to save you a lot of time – you can stop searching right now, because there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution for this. However, keep reading to learn the real reason why you are struggling to find the motivation to stay afloat in your own business.

Your Unique Journey is Just That

First, let me explain something that will be enlightening for you to hear. As an entrepreneur, you are essentially going to be your own boss, correct? And as the boss, you are making the rules as to how the success of your company will go. So who is going to write those instructions on this journey?

You. Of course.

Now let’s look at the normal path on motivation. And by normal I mean if you were to be an employee.

Much of your motivation as an employee is based on fear and conditioning. You show up for work everyday because you are told to, and if you perform and do your job and keep punching the clock – you will get paid. If you do NOT show up, you will get reprimanded, maybe even let go from your position. Then you will not have the money you need to pay your bills, live your life, etc.

So what motivates you? The fear of losing your job, supporting your family, paying your bills, not having money, and so on.

And for billions of employees – this keeps them going. Right from the start of their career, until they clock-out for good during retirement.

Now as an entrepreneur, you completely control your income, work schedule, everything. Right down to if you should buy that certain type of paper clips in your supply cabinet. Everything.

If you do not perform, you don’t eat. It is as simple as that.

The Huge Mindshift

Mobe Review – At some point, when you are transitioning from “employee” to “entrepreneur” you are going to have the moment of clarity where if you are ever going to have your own business, you will need to start now.

Maybe you have pondered the risks and rewards, and you figured out that the reward at the end is worth the risk, so you take the plunge toward business ownership.

Your “Why”

One topic that I recently heard on a podcast was that most entrepreneurs do not know their “why.” Or rather, they cannot identify their reason, or “why” they want to get into business for themselves in the first place.

The “why” is your motivation. This is what is going to keep you up until 3am working on your business, even after you spent 10 hours at your day job.

Your reason is not just your goal – it has to be deeper than that. It will make your goals seem like “child’s play.” Your motivation has to be stronger, or you will not pursue it.

I want you to try this; First answer this question: “What is my MOTIVATION for starting a business, or being an entrepreneur?”

Write that down, and then ask yourself “Why?” to this question.

Write that answer down, and then ask yourself “Why” to this question.

Keep doing this to dig DEEP to get to your real motivation. This exercise is powerful for you to be real with yourself, your thoughts, and your motivation. Once you find your true motivation, I want you to write it down so it is in front of you at your workstation, computer, kitchen, mirror in the bathroom, and so on. This is going to be your reason and motivation to get you started!

Get ‘er Done!

Mobe Review – This step requires you to take action. Actually getting it done. “Get ‘er Done!” as I like to say.

Once you have established your motivation, you can put your plan into action, one step at a time. If your business requires you to learn Facebook ads for example, actually put aside time to watch videos, learn the ads process, and so on. Use your aforementioned motivation and your “why” to remember why you are doing what seems to be a mundane, menial task.

Many people get stuck here as they then find other things to do to take up the time, when the task in front of them is the most important thing that they can do to move their business forward!

What if You Do Nothing?

Mobe Review – This is really powerful. I also want you to write down and visualize what will happen to you if you do nothing. That is, what will happen if you choose NOT to act and take motivation on your task?

What will your life be like if you do not complete your tasks? Will you be stuck in your job for an extra year or two? Will you not be able to spend additional time with your kids? Will you have to put off yet another family vacation?

Again, your why has to be strong enough to get you to power through this. Super important!

One last tip is to get started early in the morning. Give yourself some time first thing in your day to knock out those difficult tasks. In the morning, your brain is running on full steam, and when you accomplish those tasks in the morning, you give yourself momentum to get through the rest of your day!

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